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I-Definition of Prostitution


II-Brief History of Prostitution


III- The Causes of Prostitution


IV-The Consequences of Prostitution









          Prostitution, often called ‘’the oldest profession in the world.it is a phenomenon of society.it is still relevant today because millions of people around the world prostitute themselves. Almost all countries are affected by this phenomenon, it has crossed the ages and has made and will always be debated as to its legalization, repression or prohibition. Nevertheless, prostitution seems to be a recurring problem of damage to morale and a generator of public unrest. Here we will ask ourselves what is the reality of prostitution today. But we cannot speak of prostitution without it being historically present.

I-Definition of prostitution

There is no official definition for prostitution. The most successful is the fact of freeing the sex and body to, another against money. However, it could also be against goods such as shelter, gift, food, etc. It is also to merchandize in a legal or illegal way services and/or sex product and of exploiting the human body.

Prostitution has multiples faces: they are victims of exploitation and networks, mothers in precarious situations, young female student, children, men… who prostitute themselves on the street, on the internet, in bar, in saunas or massage parlors, on the side of highways, etc. The circumstances are diverse.

II-Brief History of Prostitution

In Rome, as elsewhere in the Mediterranean basin, those who possess slaves can use them as they wish, since the slave is a private property. The slave woman is also excluded from the scope of the laws on adultery: her companion cannot accuse her, whether her lover is the masters or a third person. Moreover, the laws condemning the masters who prostitute their slaves are so ineffective that they will often be proclaimed from the 1st to the 4th century, as well as the laws that treat adultery as sexual relations between the mistress and her slaves. Prostitution, however, continues to flourish in Rome, where it occurs in many from: prostitutes are housed in houses marked with lighted candles during opening hours, 8 in hostels, lodges, or in the street, in front of Arcades (called fornix hence the term fornication) as before, the door of the domiciles. So, there is evidence of prostitution occurring throughout history, all the way back to ancient societies.

III-The causes of prostitution

Nowadays, people often return home in the middle of prostitution in order to survive and not by life plan. Prostitution can be occasional as, bye example, those who prostitute themselves to have money every end of month. There are different factors that may cause a no one enters the world of prostitution: meeting someone…

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